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Next-Gen Brand Tracking For The Modern Marketeer

Is Traditional Brand Tracking Slowing Your Business Growth? It's Time for Smytten Pulse!

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If you're like any other marketeer, you've probably pondered questions like: "How is that latest campaign impacting my brand awareness?" or "What are consumers feeling about my brand?" 

Brand tracking offers answers, but traditional methods can be, well, traditional – slow, inflexible, and lacking the granularity needed for today's dynamic marketing landscape.

Enter Smytten Pulse, a revolutionary platform designed to transform brand tracking into a dynamic and insightful experience. Forget static reports and delayed data – Brand Track by Smytten Pulse empowers you with real-time brand insights, offering a comprehensive view of your brand health.

What Makes Smytten Pulse Stand Out

Smytten Pulse boasts a powerful suite of features that empower marketeers to gain a deeper understanding of their brand:

  • Effortless Launch: Forget lengthy setup processes. With Smytten Pulse, you can launch your brand track in mere clicks using templates, allowing you to start gathering valuable data instantly.

  • Deep Dive Into Brand Metrics: Track brand awareness and recall across the spectrum, including spontaneous, top-of-mind (TOM), and aided/unaided recall metrics. Gain a holistic view of how effectively your brand messaging is resonating with consumers.

  • The Power Of Audience Recruitment With You: Leverage Smytten's advanced demographic and psychographic profiling to recruit the perfect cohort for your brand tracking study. For example, while launching a track for a beauty brand, you can select demographics like females aged between 22 and 35 who are interested in natural and organic beauty products and who actively shop for skincare online. This ensures that the data you collect is highly relevant and actionable for your brand's marketing strategy.

  • Tracking on Your Terms: Set the tracking period and audience recruitment frequency that aligns with your specific needs. This can help you tailor your brand tracking to fit seamlessly into your marketing cycle.

  • Real-Time Insights, Real-Time Decisions: No more waiting for reports for weeks on end. Smytten Pulse delivers real-time data analysis with comparisons and cross-tabulations. You can see how brand perception varies across different demographics – all within a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Spot Hidden Connections: Analyze the correlations between responses across different brand tracks using Smytten Pulse's cross-tabulation feature. Find out if your audience in Lucknow is more receptive to organic beauty products than the rest of the country. This will help identify trends and patterns that would otherwise remain hidden, allowing you to optimise your marketing strategies for maximum impact.

  • Unmatched Flexibility and Control: Brand tracking shouldn't feel rigid. With Smytten Pulse, you have complete control. Launch sub-tracks for specific regions or age groups based on your marketing activations. Need to pause or resume your brand tracking? No problem – do so anytime without losing precious historical data. 

Sign Up Now

Are you still settling for yesterday's brand-tracking solutions in today's dynamic marketing landscape? Smytten Pulse is a revolutionary platform that empowers you to see beyond static reports and gain a competitive edge.  

Launch your Brand Track today and experience the power of flexibility with real-time insights, effortless audience recruitment, and unmatched ease.


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