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Consumer Interactions

Gain powerful consumer insights, conduct market research, and advertise to high-intent audiences with India's first AI-powered data solutions platform.


Trusted By India’s Leading Brands

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The Trial & Purchase Insights From Smytten

India’s Largest Tech-Enabled Direct-To-Consumer Product Discovery & Trial Platform

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100 Million+
Product Trial-Led Insights

Lifestyle Categories

20 Million+

Advanced Online Shoppers

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Our unmatched access to real consumers throughout their purchase journey across lifestyle categories and brands ensures your research and advertising efforts reach the right audience, maximising accuracy and campaign effectiveness.

Find The Perfect Solution For Your Marketing Needs

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Smytten Pulse Check

Launch consumer research with ready-to-use survey templates and get insights in

just 72 hours.

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Product Testing

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Communication Testing

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U & A Studies

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Brand Track

Smytten Pulse Boost

Advertise to a high-intent audience and target them precisely across the funnel & open the web.

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Smytten Platform (App/Website)

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Network Partners (Google/Criteo)

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Smytten Pulse Scan

Discover consumer insights and spot market trends in real-time across 250+ lifestyle categories.

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Competitor Analysis

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Sentiment Analysis

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Category Analysis

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User Behaviour Funnel

The Insights Hub

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